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Ten ways to create passive income in South Africa

passive income in south africa

Passive income is commonly described as income that one receives on a regular basis, and that requires little to no effort to maintain. Every time when we trade our time for money and get paid for specific number of hours we spent at work, we get active income. Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has changed how many people view investment, liabilities vs assets and how to build passive imcome. Here are my top 10 passive income ideas for 2018.

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How to start an online business

Online business

Online businesses are the best way for young enterprenuers to get started in business. Starting an online requires small amount of money to start compared to traditional business which results in less risk. While traditional business limits you to your local area, online business can reach clients overseas. Most of the retails store are cutting down on their physical stores and focusing on building online stores. With that in mind lets look at way to start online business.

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Why creativity is so important for entrepreneurs?

Creative Enterpenuers

Most Enterpenuers fail in business simply because they lack creativity. When starting a business you are faced with a lot of challenges where you have to find creative ways to optimise the little resources you have and try to create efficient processes. They need to come up with creative ideas to be unique so that they can stand out from the competion. They also need to be innovative be able to stay ahead in forever changing business landscape.

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